The best way for industry-leading companies to hire crypto-native talent out of Harvard.


The Harvard Blockchain Club's Talent Network is our way of matching Harvard students with work opportunities in the industry. Despite Harvard's top-notch career services, there's not yet a resource for crypto-interested students to get their start in the industry.

We're fortunate to be partners with many of the industry's top startups, venture funds, and quantitative trading firms.

For Students

If you're a Harvard student searching for work opportunities in crypto—internship, full-time, and everything in between—fill out our talent network form. It should only take a few minutes and it will be the way that our partners can find you when they're seeking to hire talent from the club.

If there's an employer who'd like to connect with you, they'll either reach out on their own or we'll make the connection.

Be sure to also monitor the #jobs channel in our Discord! It's our way of letting the entire club know of new work opportunities.

For Employers

Our database includes the desired positions, resumes, blockchain backgrounds, and more information about students.

If you'd like to hire talent from the Harvard Blockchain Club, reach out to us at info@harvardblockchainclub.org to request access to our database.

We also have a #jobs channel in our Discord where job and internship opportunities are distributed to Harvard undergraduates. To post a blurb for a position there, fill out this short form.

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