Core Team

Being promoted from Member to Core Team.

There are 5-10 officers responsible for defining club vision, handling day-to-day logistics, and leading the initiatives.


  • As the highest leadership position, you’re able to ​​make the greatest impact on the club.

  • Makes you eligible to be President or Co-President.

  • Benefit from the club’s industry relationships and outward-facing activities.


  • Ability to take on a higher time commitment (leading initiative, participating in governance, Treasury management, outward-facing activities, etc.)

  • Past commitment to the club.

  • Leadership ability.

  • Strong industry background, crypto-native.


  • There's no formal promotion process, unlike becoming a Member. However, Members can indicate interest to existing members of the Core Team.

  • If there is a “gap” in the Core Team (want to start a new initiative, existing Core Team member leaves, etc.), the Core Team will approach candidates that would be a strong fit. These individuals have been highly active in the club, have existing positions in the club’s initiatives, or have otherwise demonstrated strong candidacy.

  • The Core Team must unanimously agree to make an offer to a candidate—any member has veto power. Once they’ve been approved, the offer is made to the candidate and, if they accept, they immediately join the Core Team. Otherwise, the search process continues.

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